God Never Fail

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Before God hung the stars in the sky, the situation today already exists in the mind of God. Actually, you are in his mind. And He knows exactly what will he do. He knows perfectly what is best for us. Our problem is we do not know. and Faith is believing in Him when we do not know what will happen tomorrow.

When sons and daughters of God fails, no part of God that failed. When sons and daughters of God changed, no part of God’s changed. As our lives changed because of the things that are not expected, no part of God change or not expected. The prophet Isaiah wrote: ‘Before they call, I answer; When they were talking,

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I’ve listened to. (Isaiah 65:24). God knows exactly what he will do, no one can hinder God to do it.

That’s the most beautiful of the story of David.

(From book. David, passionate man and was elected, Charles R Swindoll)

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