The Development of CPM New Product – Clay

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Starting from the thoughts of our colleagues, about the need for CPM to develop new products. Yes .. can not be denied, if CPM wants to keep exist, we need to think about new product development. because the same organization that has purchased the product us for their Christmas souvenirs in 2008, not necessarily going to order the product
the same for Christmas in 2009.
We agreed to start thinking about new products. This new product is also required so that we can develop into wedding souvenir market. So we started trying exploring the production of new products, there are fans, recycling bags, hangers remote in the form of wine, Bross, etc.. And the long delayed final is Clay.

Inspired by the home industry is done by my friend in Cirebon, we began to explore for the production of clay. I enthusiastically
buy a book about clay and materials needed. but in fact not as easy as imagined.
The main problem is to find the right mixture composition. It takes many times experiments and also continue to ask the person who never made clay until finally we can start production.

Research and development of this clay product had stopped during several months. The main constraint is time. Yes, myriad activities and work has taken my time and thoughts. Up in October yesterday, after we agreed to go back up and chase for
Christmas project, I began to re-test.
I managed make some form of refrigerator magnets hanger, though still with dough composition that has not been perfect.

Entering the month of November 2009, my schedule became more intensive since accepting to become the head of a committee at my church youth Christmas.
While I was chairman of the committee of Christmas, but I can not decide everything by myself. Many times we are also faced trepidation.
In the beginning of the issue, that there would be no budget for souvenirs for Christmas this year. I was also startled to hear this news. Looks like our chances of getting orders from this Christmas so
small, almost impossible.
But I still submit the

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budget to souvenirs.

Then the souvenir committee actually had a few options. As they explain in the meeting, I finally ventured to introduce CPM. Thank God they respond positively. Even our pastor is very supportive CPM activities. But it remains to be a constraint is, the mothers in the river oysters has not been in training for made this clay. How do I have to give certainty to Christmas committee, if the conditions are like this? Can I guarantee that mothers could make this clay? And if they are able to make
1000pcs in 1 month?
Without thinking, I decided to conduct training on the following Saturday. A few days before
training, I myself continue to seek information and conduct trials continue.

On 7 November 2009, we held a training for it Souvenirs from clay to mothers in the river oyster. Thank God we can see
that they were very enthusiastic.

On 10 November 2009, I again contacted by the coordinator of the souvenir.
He asked me whether the certainty of mothers

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in the sungai tiram able to make this souvenir. For if not, then they will find other souvenirs. I ask again for a week to provide certainty.

Saturday, November 14, 2009.
We started giving materials for the production clay. Honestly we do not know how much the cost per piece. But we walked with faith. We started doing the same although there is no certainty whether this Christmas committee will use our products. Even budget certainty of the general committee of Christmas does not exist. We honestly do not know the speed of these mothers in making this clay. We worried what if they are not able to complete in 1000 pcs in 1 month?

Praise God, we got word from the mothers at the Oyster River, that within 3 days, they had produced 87 pcs.
This means that in week they could produce 200 pcs. With this data, I provide certainty to my friends at Christmas committee, that we
Praise God, they also agreed, although not entirely see souvenirs made mothers Oyster River.

This morning, 19 November 2009.
I was quite surprised with the news that results of the Christmas committee’s decision that the budget for souvenirs trimmed to 750. I think that the funds approved for souvenirs only Rp. 750,000 for 1000 pieces. We can not sell at a price of Rp. 750 per piece. But on the other hand, the mothers also had run production.

Amid the panic I, we get confirmation that general committee means that the budget souvenirs
is approved for the 750 pieces.
Hahahah .. relief really! Well, maybe this
also the best for us.
According to ability of the mothers, too.

We walk by faith to be able to produce this clay souvenir.
We grateful for each inclusion of God and the road opened. We
increasingly aware, that the CPM is not just our services, but this also the will of God.
We are weak, but be strengthened. When road is closed, the it open in the Lord. Although the production did not clear, we still keep production, we knew it was
step of faith.
And God will be with and bless this ministry. Through all this, our faith was growing. This is a journey faith with the Lord.

This service begins with prayer and also to survive because of prayer.
As we trying to develop new product, we know this also because sustained by prayer. God is behind all this. And we were his only tools. Let all the glory just for him. And please continue to support us in prayer.

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