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Since the first time I follow twitter account of @wfp, I believe Wood Food Program (WFP) will take action by involving bloggers to support their fight against hunger in this world. Pretty relieved realizing that Crossprojectministry.com is a part of humanity global action against the “hunger”.

Last month, World Food Programme Executive Director Josette Sheeran, expressed her enthusiasm at the WFP Hunger Seminar in London. “You [today’s students] are the generation that will end hunger… In the future we want our grandchildren to ask us what hunger and starvation were.”

With the fact that 20% of the riches who “might” doesn’t really know the feeling of hunger conquered 80% of the earth resources, meanwhile the 80% of the poor and pooerest is fighting for the 20% of the earth resources. Realizing this fact, we need to work hand in hand to overcome the problem. We should be proactively help the poor to get out from their condition.

One of our mission is done by Empowering housewife to create Value added product, building access to market their product, managing profit and distribute nutritious food for their children. We hope this small acts could also give some contribution to the world action for humanity against hunger and malnutrition

Cross Project Ministry join global action against hunger and malnutrition by being part of Bloggers Against Hunger! if you had also a dream to fight against hunger and nutritions, join us and put this widget on your blog, and also submit your blog against hunger and malnutrition! Watch also the video above, we are able to fight them through our words and our actions!

If you are simply interested to involve in the project or to buy one of their products please contact us on mail@crossprojectministry.com.

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